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About Paula


I have followed my two passions in life, yoga and art. I’m a creative. A thinker. A questioner and social justice seeker. I began practising yoga 24 years ago as a weak and inflexible teenager. Within a year I could feel that physically and mentally I was a changing. Yoga was the missing piece to my individuality and independence. It became my freedom of movement, my voice of expression, the stones that my confidence was built on and the foundations of a managing stress and anxieties. Yoga soon became an important part of my daily routine as the physical and mental benefits of

the practice were visable.


My journey before teaching was 16 years of having a dedicated yoga practice and simply being a ’student’ before I edging into teaching. I navigated through the highs and lows of my twenties and thirties, seeking the practice, while working in the competitive world of product design for major high-street blue-chip retailers. After 16 years of being a yoga student, the natural path for me was to step into a teaching role. Us teachers always remain students of our practice, however, I now  enjoy sharing my learnings.



I found love in the individuality of anatomy, we are all so unique. As a creative, this led me to focusing on creativity with my yoga sequencing to teach with an undogmatic approach, offering much individuality on the mat has allowed me to be innovative, designing fun sequences with informative learnings.


I wish for my yoga teachings to serve the purpose of deepening a connection not only to ourselves but with our community.  I believe in people, I believe in the potential people, their movement potential, their kindness, the will and want to cultivate a strong sense of community and togetherness. But most of all I believe that ‘We’ the people make the difference.

2024 Yoga therapist 600 hours
2024 Yoga for digestive health
2023 First aid training
2020 Sleep recovery
2020 Qigong for yoga teachers
2020 The vagus nerve and deeper dimensions of yoga therapy & pranayama
2019 Therapeutics of yoga
2018 Yoga for those affected by cancer
2018 Yoga for cardiovascular disease
2017 Specialist 1:1 yoga training
2016 Yoga for pregnancy
2016 Hypermobility on the mat
2016 Teaching meditation training
2015 Restorative yoga
2015 Yoga nidra
2015 Sacred sound training
2014 Deeper dimensions of sequencing
2014 Yoga teacher 200 hours

7500+ teaching hours

My professional memberships

CNHC - Complementary & Natural Health Council
The Society of Yoga Practitioners
Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance continuing education provider


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