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How I can Help



My teaching philosophy is that one size DOES NOT fit all. Fit the yoga postures to the person rather than the person into the postures. To encourage this, I offer exploration of alignment within a range of postures using the systems of Hatha, Vinyasa flow and layer them with multidimensional movements,
strengthening cues as well enjoying the tradition of yoga for stretch and release postures.

Using the tradition of yoga with the needs of a 21st living, I can help you feel at ease in your body and mind by guiding you through yoga-based movements that work for your needs and guide you into having more freedom of movement in your body, more stillness and peacefulness within your mind. I can offer you creative yoga flow practices that challenge body and mind. Gentle and slow yoga practices for those who are starting on their yoga journey or just looking for a softer yoga practice. I am part of the Sleep Recovery network, offering you the chance to improve your sleep.


My classes hold a strong focus on individuality, allowing participants to learn what is happening for them on the yoga. An introspective glance into their body, minds, emotions and the larger canvas of their lives, then to translate this into finding exactly what they need from yoga practice.  As well as the physical body movements, (asana), I lightly interweave into my classes teachings of yogic philosophy as well as ideas and thinkings from contemporary philosophers to explore the richness and benefits of what a full yoga practice has to offer, giving us the opportunity of encouraging the opening of the mind as well as the body.


I will teach you how to incorporate the practice of yoga into your daily or weekly routine so it gives your body the nourishment it needs and helping you manage your emotions and ease busy and disruptive minds into a more peaceful, quiet place.

I believe that practicing yoga is a benefit to those of all ages and levels of experience and can offer you a more soulful sense to life

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