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Private Sessions


Private yoga sessions are a wonderful way to receive the personal attention that your body and mind will benefit from in your yoga tuition.

Whether you are new to yoga & meditation and looking to learn the foundations before attending a group class. Perhaps you're an experienced practitioner deepening your practice and looking for guidance with a personalised approach. Perhaps you're in need of individual tuition recovering from injury or experiencing illness, or simply wishing to gift yoga & meditation to someone you love.


One-to-one sessions are personalised around you, for maximum benefit, convenience and well-being.

Paula Malloy teaches yoga for those affected by cancer
Paula Malloy Hey Karma Yoga 1:1 yoga sessions



Private sessions for those affected by cancer will give you a personalised approach in helping you settle into your changing or changed body with comfort, acceptance and peace. Our sessions will give you a personal approach to movements that will help you gently release, stretch, gain strength to restore any lost range of motion, as well as learning or relearning to relax, sooth anxiety, settling

body and mind.



Private sessions for sleep recovery give you a personal approach helping you experience better sleep, as well as manage your energy throughout the day.

Individual sessions allow us to put together a program that you can fit into your daily routine. Practice that calm your nervous system, give you more energy during the day as well as taking the anxiety out of going to sleep, practice that prepare the body for sleep and tools for you to use if you're experiencing sleep interruptions at night.

Learn effective yoga, breathing, mediation and life coping techniques tailored to you that will help understand what yoga poses to practice at what times of day and suggestions for sleep proofing your routine and habits. The key is to balance our lifestyles with our body’s natural clock.

Paula Malloy teaches sleep recovery program, the Founder of Sleep Recovery Lisa Sanfilippo
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