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Private Yoga Sessions


Private yoga sessions are a wonderful way to receive the personal attention through yoga. Whether you are new to yoga & meditation and looking to understand the foundations of yoga before attending a group class. Unable to change your schedule to fit into group classes, or a seasoned practitioner wishing to deepen your practice and looking for guidance with a personalised approach. Traditionally yoga was taught one on one, and offers individuals a maximum benefit and convenience from a private and personalised approach.

Paula Malloy teaches yoga for those affected by cancer


Private sessions for sleep recovery give you a personal approach helping you experience better sleep, as well as manage your energy throughout the day. During individual sessions you are given a program which you can fit into your daily routine. You will learn practices which prepare the body for sleep taking the evening anxiety out of going to bed, tools to use if you experiencing sleep interruptions during the night, as well as  techniques which give you energy during the day should you feel tired.

Learn effective yoga, breathing, mediation and life coping techniques that offer you new ideas  for your daily routine and habits to balance  your lifestyle with your body’s natural circadian rhythm.


Paula Malloy Hey Karma Yoga 1:1 yoga sessions St Albans Hatfield Welwyn Potters Bar


Private sessions for those affected by cancer gives you a personalised approach in helping you settle into your changing body. Research shows there are many benefits to regularly practising yoga after a cancer diagnosis, especially for mental and emotional stability, as well as cancer-related body restrictions, fatigue and pain. Taking an individual approach to yoga at this time, can help you gently release and gain strength and movement in your body as well as soothing mental and emotional difficulties while moving through a time of great challenge and uncertainty.


Paula Malloy teaches sleep recovery program, the Founder of Sleep Recovery Lisa Sanfilippo
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