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Sound Bath & Intention
Setting Practice

Friday 29th Dec 2023
5pm - 7:30pm
Exchange is £45
per person
Hey Karma Studio, Ellenbrook, Hatfield



As we say goodbye to the old year and focus to the new,

join me for a special sound bath and intention setting practice to embrace 2024.

Every year we are blessed to walk this earth is an honour to be given another opportunity with which to celebrate life.

The end of each year signifies a sacred time, when we let go that which has passed and move forward to the new, harnessing our energy for fresh beginnings, personal growth and opportunities.

This special end of year practice will explore the inner work, moving through personal inquiry, the ceremony starts with reflection, releasing the highs and the lows of 2023, before stepping into creation, clarity and visioning for yourself and your life for new year to come, as you head towards a clear, hopeful vision for yourself, leaving ready to embrace
2024 wholeheartedly

The practice will end with a short sound bath and herbal tea will be served to keep you hydrated through

your inner enquires

This is a very personal practice to the individual. Each part of the practice is there to open you into self enquiry, you will be guided through questions, practices and prompts to understand how 2023 was for you, what worked for you, and what didn't, before bringing you to exploring a clearer vision of yourself for the year head.

This workshop is a beautiful and  soulful way to acknowledge the year arriving at a close, and to walk towards new beginnings, an exciting opportunity for growth in ourselves and our community for 2024.

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