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Sleep Recovery


Sleep Recovery is a 5 step yoga-based method to help you experience better sleep, as well as manage your energy throughout your day.

The four-week course moves through individual steps teaching you a variety of tools to draw from to help you balance your sleep. Learn about your sleep patterns and how to change them using a variety of techniques from the Sleep Recovery system.

Sleep issues vary from being awake in the night, difficulties getting off to sleep, working night shifts, buzzing minds and overwhelming thoughts preventing sleep or leaving a feeling of having not slept, to strong feelings of anxiety and fear around sleep.

Paula Malloy, sleep recovery hertfordshire
Paula Malloy Sleep Recovery

Practicing yoga is an antidote to sleep issues and with a melting pot of yoga styles to choose, it’s reassuring to know that the Sleep Recovery method has been designed with an understanding of practices that guide us with what yoga poses to practice, what times of day and suggestions for sleep proofing our day time routines and habits.

The key is to balance our lifestyles with our body’s natural clock (circadian rhythms).


Yoga for Sleep Recovery was founded by Lisa Sanfilippo, a psychotherapist, yoga therapist and author of both Yoga for Sleep Recovery & Yoga Therapy for Insomnia. Lisa brings 20 plus years of experience and expertise to this work and she has designed a comprehensive, accessible method that anyone can do, even if you have never been on a yoga mat in your life.

Sleep Recovery Lisa Sanfilippo
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