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Sleep Recovery



Sleep Recovery is a 5 step yoga-based method to help you experience better sleep, as well as manage your energy throughout your day.

The four-week course moves through individual steps teaching you a variety of tools to draw from to help you balance your sleep. Learn about your sleep patterns and how to change them using a variety of techniques from the Sleep Recovery system.

Sleep issues vary from being awake in the night, difficulties getting off to sleep, working night shifts, buzzing minds and overwhelming thoughts preventing sleep or leaving a feeling of having not slept, to strong feelings of anxiety and fear around sleep.


Paula Malloy, sleep recovery hertfordshire
Paula Malloy Sleep Recovery

It is known that practicing yoga is an antidote to sleep issues and with a melting pot of yoga styles to choose, it’s reassuring to know that the Sleep Recovery method has been designed with an understanding of practices that guide us with what yoga poses to practice, what times of day and suggestions for sleep proofing our day time routines and habits. The key is to balance our lifestyles with our body’s natural clock (circadian rhythms).


Yoga for Sleep Recovery was founded by Lisa Sanfilippo, a psychotherapist, yoga therapist and author of both Yoga for Sleep Recovery & Yoga Therapy for Insomnia. Lisa brings 20 plus years of experience and expertise to this work and she has designed a comprehensive, accessible method that anyone can do, even if you have never been on a yoga mat in your life. Follow the Sleep Recovery program @heykarmasleeprecovery where you will find plenty of tips and ideas to help you experience a better night's sleep.


6th Oct 2023 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

10th Oct 2023 - 8:30pm - 9pm

13th Oct 2023 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

17th Oct 2023 - 8:30pm - 9pm

20th Oct  2023- 7:00pm - 9:00pm

24th Oct 2023 - 8:30pm - 9pm

27th Oct 2023 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm





STEP 1- REPAIR YOUR BODY: Learning sleep recovery designed yoga postures to pull out tension from your body and prepare you for sleep. Understanding how actions during the day can become sleep saboteurs in the night. Where do I store tension? How can I release it and habits we ingest and how they contribute to poor sleep.


STEP 2- REPLENISH YOUR ENERGY: Leaning how to effectively manage your energy flow throughout the day. Managing energy levels after a poor night’s sleep and  the wonders of the nervous system, and how our nervous system is important claiming our sleep by moving out of the stress response and into the relaxation response.


STEP 3-RECLAIM YOUR MIND: Learning tools and techniques for managing unhelpful thoughts and busy minds that can prevent sleep. Thoughts need a place to go. We must work through preoccupations and clarify misinformation. We decatastrophize sleep and anxieties using a variety of breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness learnings that help us to help us to move into deeper, more fulfilling rest.


STEP 4-RESTORE EMOTIONAL BALANCE: We look at being aware of, managing and soothing the emotional stress response, learning the ability to let go and trust in sleep, emotional release practice, the relationship to self and other and fostering harmony within yourself and to others, giving the opportunity to have nothing to keep us awake at night


STEP 5-REAWAKEN HAPPY: Sometimes lack of sleep can be a wake-up call, to something that needs our attention. In this last step we’ll reflect back on the weeks and bring together our own personal toolkit, what has worked and what hasn’t, where we may need to focus more. We’ll also look at what brings us joy and find ways to bring back those things in life that light us up? What makes you feel awake in this world? How to heed the wake-up call of not sleeping well? Enjoying a meaningful, well-aligned life.

Sleep Recovery Lisa Sanfilippo
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