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Yoga and nature journaling

friends of Hatfield park

Friends of Hatfield Park, join me for Yoga & Nature Journaling sessions.

Each session will run from 10:30am - 11:30am over four Sunday's during the summer months.

These sessions are complimentary to friends of Hatfield park with a valid pass.

Each session includes a one hour yoga class with an optional one hour nature journaling class after our practice.

Yoga & Nature Journaling Dates

Sunday 19th June 2022

Sunday 3rd July 2022

Sunday 4th September 2022

About Each Session

1 Hour Gentle Yoga Class

A gentle yoga practice that will equally stretch and strengthen the body, while helping calm and quieten the mind.

This slow paced yoga class will start with pranayama (manipulation of the breath) and warm-up postures, followed by standing and seated asanas (yoga postures) finishing with a relaxing Savasana (relaxation)

During the class, we will explore movements to warm and mobilize the joints, before gently heading into traditional yoga movements. This class will offer a practice to encourage longevity in the body increasing flexibility, and repairing muscles that are in need of care, while dissolving muscular and mental tension.

Beginner's are welcome.



Your own yoga mat and bottle of water as they will not be provided due to Covid 19 regulations.

Do dress in activewear and be mindful of dressing for the weather, for example wearing sunblock if it’s a warm day.



Optional Nature Journaling Class

After the yoga class you will have an option to join me for nature journaling.

Nature journaling is the practice of drawing and writing in response to nature and the perfect antidote for too much screen time.

It's a beautiful practice in mindfulness which is fun, soothing and helps you to connect more closely with nature and our planet.

Using your own unique nature journal and any media (pencils, paint, pens) you wish to, it's your choice, how sketchy or finished, true-to-life or self interpreted your nature journaling will be. 


If you find meditation a struggle, this practice is a gentle way into a mindfulness practice, as we learn to take time, to sit, and study nature in detail, focusing while drawing what you see and writing about your findings. (you do not need to be able to draw to join in)


The practice is in noticing, being mindful, being curious to our natural world and your own inner observer.

Natural journaling, calms the mind and increases your attention to detail and offers you appreciation of natural beauty. 

Many studies have proven the connection between nature and happiness. The research boasts benefits of better mental clarity, boosts in both confidence and emotional intelligence, creativity, self-discipline and better problem-solving skills. 

The mental health organization, MIND, published a study which found depression was reduced in 71 % of participants after taking a walk in nature....lmagine doing yoga and nature journaling and what an effect that could have. 

Nature journaling does not have to be complicated and you do not need to have the ability to draw, all you need is a love for nature and a keenness to be observant to what you are seeing. 




If you are joining in the nature journaling, you will require a sketch pad, pencils, pens and any colouring medium you wish to use such as paints, colouring pencils, pastels, etc.

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