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How I work

Using the tradition of yoga with the needs of a 21st living, I can help you feel at ease in your body and mind by guiding you through yoga-based movements that work for your needs and guide you into having more freedom of movement in your body, more stillness and peacefulness within your mind.

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I can offer you creative yoga flow practices that challenge body and mind. Gentle and slow yoga practices for those who are starting on their yoga journey or just looking for a softer yoga practice. I am part of the Sleep Recovery network, offering you the chance to improve your sleep.

About me

I’m a creative. A thinker. A questioner and social justice seeker. I have followed my two
passions in life, yoga and art. I began practising yoga 24 years ago as a weak and inflexible teenager. Within one year of that first class, I could feel that physically and mentally there was a change within me. Yoga was the missing piece to my individuality and independence, it became my freedom of movement, the stones that my confidence was built on, the foundations of managing stress and anxieties as well as an important part of my daily routine. The physical and mental benefits of the practice very quickly began to show.

For me, it was 16 years of having a dedicated yoga practice and simply being a ’student’ practitioner before I even thought about becoming a teacher. I navigated through the highs and lows of my twenties and thirties, seeking the practice while working as a product

designer for major high-street blue-chip retailers. After 16 years the natural path for me was to step into a teacher role. Now I am very much a student still but I have the benefit to be able to share my learnings.

I found love in anatomy research, especially the individuality of anatomy, we are all so different, this led me to become focused on becoming creative with my yoga sequences and teach with an undogmatic approach. Creating a yoga practise that intertwines with my creative has allowed me to innovate on the mat, designing fun sequences with informative learnings. I wish for my yoga teachings serve the purpose of deepening a connection not only to ourselves but with the people around us. I believe in people, I believe in the potential people, their movement potential, their kindness, the will and want to cultivate a strong sense of community and togetherness. But most of all I believe that ‘We’ the people make the difference.

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