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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Hertford Counselling Services

Bayley Hall, Queens Road, Hertford SG14 1EN

Beginner's progression is perfect for those newbies to yoga who are looking to continue their journey, or for those  in need of

a ‘refresher’ course. 

If you have completed a beginner's course and wonderfing what the next stage is? Or perhaps you're looking for a slower paced yoga class.

Beginner's progression could work for you.

With continued learning of alignment, breathing practices and yoga philosophy, the beginner's progression course is a detailed course, with explanations about the yoga we are practicing. You will be guided through the anatomy of yoga postures (asanas), sequencing, healthy individual alignment and breath techniques (pranayama) as well as meditation and relaxation techniques. We practice at a pace that means you learn thoroughly, step by step, while addressing key points in the practice.

Slow Down Yoga
6 week course

Starting 28th Feb 2022
Monday's 7:30pm
Investment £76.50

Held at The Oak House Studio, Hatfield Park

It's time to slow down!

Throughout our Yoga Slow class, we focus on the finer details of the practice.

There is no hurry to finish a sequence, as you'll hold postures longer than in a flowing vinyasa class, giving the opportunity to feel into all aspects and the effects of the practice from the inside out while exploring deeper into mind and body.

The movements and breathing practices encourage body maintenance, stimulating blood and lymphatic flow, warming and mobilizing the joints, improving the flow of energy and dissolve muscular and mental tension, the class finishes with relaxation / meditation.

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